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Our story

Behind the ABSTRACTION are standing two abstract faces – Kamelia & Anjelika Davidkovi.

Kamelia is a fashion designer and author of the Ear sculptures. The earrings are modelled by her hands. Rough and unconstrained. The forms are poured out music movements. You indulge in a dance of inspirations. Abstract molds and intertwined colors. We are focused on details, paintings, rocks and sculptures, like the earrings. They are uncompleted, with cracks and roughnesses. Each face is the continuation and completeness of our art. Anjelika is a photographer. She visualizes our imaginations. Together, we are building our creative signature from various art movements. We will leave a trace… somewhere.

"It's beautiful that just stems from the inner spiritual necessity."


The faces

Anjelika Davidkova

The Photographer

Kamelia Davidkova

The Designer

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